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Hediard is France's most exclusive food boutique. It was founded in the mid-19th century by Ferdinand Hediard, a pioneer in the discovery of exotic products, which he sought in his travels to take to his small shop in Paris.

Exclusivity is the word of order. All products carry the famous red Hediard sticker. However, the shop has made an exception and has sought in several countries products to be marketed in the store with its original brands, with labels produced by the shop itself.

Brazilian coffee was the chosen one, among several competitors from all over the world. A field at Fazenda São Gabriel, with 25,000 feet of coffee, was reserved for Hediard.

A label on the packaging highlights the story of the Taramelli family that 40 years ago planted the first coffee beans in the hilly region of São Sebastião da Grama.

Two stories that join and value brazilian coffee even more.